Top 9 Premium Potting mix UK – Gardening Soils

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1. Miracle-Gro

Miracle-Gro Premium Houseplant Potting Mix compost, 10 Litre Bag, New 2020 Range, Yellow

Miracle-Gro - Feeds for up to 3 months. Perfect for seedlings, herbs, cuttings, houseplants and patio pot. With fibre smart providing the optimum balance of air and wate. Encourages optimum root growth for strong healthy plants.
ManufacturerMiracle Gro
Height4.6 cm (1.81 Inches)
Length48 cm (18.9 Inches)
Part Number119769


UK GROW Premium Bucket of Houseplant focus potting mix soil compost ADDED PERLITE growth sure technology1L 2L 3L 5L 10L 20L 25L 30L 3L

UK GROW - Uk grow premium houseplant potting mix has added perlite to help the roots get perfect aeration which in turns promotes amazing growth and plant health. Designed for best results with the widest range of houseplants & free draining to promote healthy root growth. Uk grow premium bucket of houseplant focus potting mix soil compost added perlite is a specially blended mix for potting most indoor plants, it is an open, which promotes healthier growth and greener leaves.

Uk grow premium bucket of houseplant focus potting mix soil compost ADDED PERLITE is. Uk grow premium bucket of houseplant focus potting mix soil compost added pERLITE comes in a reusable bucket unlabelled, this is to prevent unneeded printing processes and to make the strong durable bucket reusable for many other things. Uk grow premium bucket of houseplant focus potting mix soil compost ADDED PERLITE comes in a reusable bucket unlabelled, this is to prevent unneeded printing processes and to make the strong durable bucket reusable for many other things.

Great for any indoor garden, free draining mix, your plants are sure to thank you after the addition of this mix. Treat your plants to all of the nutrients they need for healthy growth by Planting them into UK GROW Premium Bucket of Houseplant focus potting mix soil compost ADDED PERLITE. We try our hardest to be responsible with our packaging and manufacturing processes. We hand blend some of the finest materials that can be sourced within horticulture to bring to the market the best Houseplant potting compost that can be purchased.
ManufacturerUK GROW
Height10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Length10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Width10 cm (3.94 Inches)
Part NumberUK GROW Potting mix houseplant
ModelHouseplant soil mix

3. BHomeScent

Premium Orchid Potting Mix Enriched With Nutrients 2L

BHomeScent - Chitin-rich mealworm frass: the presence of mealworm frass in our potting mix provides an abundant source of chitin, stimulating plant immune response and strengthening defenses against pathogens and diseases. Essential trace minerals with basalt rock dust: Basalt rock dust enriches the potting mix with essential trace minerals, ensuring optimal plant health, and vigor.

Sustainable insect meal: the inclusion of ecologically-sourced insect meal, provides a sustainable and nutrient-rich source of amino acids, derived from black soldier fly larvae grown on controlled food waste streams, nitrogen, and phosphorus for both plants and soil biology. Green gold" seaweed meal: our exclusively sourced premium seaweed meal derived from Ascophyllum nodosum brings a wealth of minerals and over 60 trace elements to the potting mix, ensuring a comprehensive nutritional diet for your orchids. Humic and fulvic acids for nutrient availability: The presence of humic and fulvic acids derived from naturally mined deposits stimulates nutrient availability, chelating essential elements and improving plant uptake.

It also acts as a natural deterrent against soil pests and pathogens. It also conditions the soil, enhancing water penetration and reducing waterlogging. It also promotes strong stems and branches to support heavy flowers. It provides the perfect balance of aeration, and drainage for healthy orchid roots. Nutrient accumulation with neem: neem, potassium, enriching the potting mix with nitrogen, accumulates essential nutrients from deep within the soil, calcium, known for its deep-reaching roots, phosphorus, and magnesium.
Height5 cm (1.97 Inches)
Length30 cm (11.81 Inches)
Width17 cm (6.69 Inches)
Part Number5065015872306


HANDMIXED Premium Houseplant potting mix compost with added Perlite BUCKET 1L Bucket

UK GROW - 100% organic and free of any chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, providing a safe and natural environment for your plants to grow. Easily mixable with your existing potting soil for a more customised blend. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor plants, ensuring that your houseplants will thrive in any environment.

Promotes healthy growth and development of your houseplants, resulting in bigger and better yields. Comes in a strong and durable bucket for easy storage and transportation, making it easy to take care of your houseplants. Ideal for all types of houseplants, cacti, including succulents, ferns, and many more. Promotes the growth of strong and healthy roots, leading to healthier and more vibrant plants overall.

Perlite improves the drainage of the soil, promoting healthy root development and allowing plants to absorb the nutrients they need. Made from a blend of perlite, which is a volcanic mineral that is known for its excellent drainage properties. Introducing houseplant potting mix Premium, a premium blend of soil and organic matter specifically designed to provide your houseplants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive.
ManufacturerUK GROW
Height1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Length1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Part NumberPremium Houseplant potting mix
ModelPremium Houseplant potting mix


Cutting & Potting On 10L, CUQOO 10L Premium Perlite for Plants with Natural Mineral – Perlite Potting Mix to Help Improve Compost Soil for Heavy Roots Perlite Potting Mix for Rooting

CUQOO - It has been carefully graded to produce a particle size of 2-5mm. Made from naturally occurring material the CUQOO perlite is an ideal compost additive as it helps to retain air and improves drainage in the compost which is essential for healthy root development.

The cuqoo perlite is ideal for rooting, cutting & potting on. The cuqoo perlite is perfect for plants. It also helps improve soil for your heavy roots and is made from natural volcanic rock. When added to compost it accelerates rooting and reduces the risk of fungal diseases. For longer life reseal bag after use. Perlite is a naturally occurring, volcanic rock that has been heated to a high temperature to produce a lightweight, non-toxic, micro-porous material with a high surface area.

Helps increase absorption & water retention. Wear gloves when handling and thoroughly wash hands after use. It helps to create an optimum balance of air and water, which makes water logging almost impossible and minimises damage to roots when transplanting. Store in a dry, frost free place away from weedkillers and other garden chemicals.

6. Grow Buddha

House Plant Potting Soil Compost Mix for Indoor Plants, Enriched with Special Nutrients, Healthy Indoor Plant Soil 2L, Grow Buddha Houseplant Soil, Natural Indoor Houseplant Potting Compost Mix

Grow Buddha - 100% customer satisfaction: a premium potting compost that caters the special needs of a potted house plant. Ideal to use for potting or re-potting most indoor plants. Our house plant potting compost contains sufficient nutrients to feed your plant for approx. If you are not happy with our products for any reason, please return your products for a new replacement or a full refund.

6 weeks. This free draining mix promotes healthier growth and greener leaves for an outstanding indoor garden. Perfect choice: this house plant potting compost mix is an ideal houseplant soil additive as it helps to retain air and improves drainage in the compost which is essential for healthy root development. Premium quality: grow buddha house plant potting compost Mix contains our proprietary blend formula for optimum water and nutrient availability.

Made in UK. Ultimate usage: most varieties of house plant will benefit from this indoor plant soil. Indoor plants will eventually require potting as they become pot bound. We want you and your plants to love our houseplant potting soil as much as we do. Ideal for all house plants and herbs and works well for young plants and matured pot plants. Exceptional features: grow buddha houseplant potting compost mix is a specialist mix of natural ingredients for airflow as well as drainage.
BrandGrow Buddha
ManufacturerGrow Buddha
Height2.5 cm (0.98 Inches)
Length22 cm (8.66 Inches)
Width32 cm (12.6 Inches)
Part NumberHouseplant Soil
ModelHouseplant Soil

7. Pelle & Sol

Pelle & Sol 40L Multi-Purpose Compost Soil Bag – Eco-friendly Soil Seed Compost, Nutrient Rich Compost Mix for Potting, Houseplant Seed Plants, Indoor, Outdoor, Growing Garden

Pelle & Sol - With added vermiculite, blended for water absorption, the multi purpose compost can retain moisture around the seed or plants for longer. It is perfect for all stages of a plant’s life ensuring a healthy life. This compost soil contains essential plant nutrients and wetting agents, aeration and drainage which internal improves the health of the whole plant.

A specially formulated blend of eco-friendly materials producing a long-lasting nutrient boost when growing your plants and benefiting the environment by enabling the reduction of the use of peat. It can also be used for germinating and propagating seeds, and the potting soil for indoor plants and outdoor plants, growing of plants, flowers, pots, tubs, vegetables, herbs, fruit, hanging baskets and window boxes. This soil bag is made from eco-friendly material which is reusable and helps the environment.

This potting compost is suitable for indoor and outdoor, shrubs and trees. This compost soil mix is ideal for all gardening uses. The all purpose compost is made from high-quality soil which helps develop stronger plants and keeps them healthy longer. This top-quality compost for plants encourages strong root growth, and it helps grow stronger healthier plants. Comes with 40-litre bags of multi-purpose compost supplied in a recyclable bag. It is perfect nutrient balanced for seedlings.
BrandPelle & Sol
ManufacturerPelle & Sol
Height17 cm (6.69 Inches)
Length35 cm (13.78 Inches)
Width17 cm (6.69 Inches)
Part NumberDB9496


UK GROW Premium 2L Orchid Focus Care Repotting Bark Soil Compost Perlite Mix 1l 2l 3l 4l 5l 10l 20l 30l 2ltr

UK GROW - Only use bark to repot an orchid. It is composed of superior quality, graded pine bark and maintains a superb balance of air and moisture. It is ideal for all common orchid species and hybrids, and is peat free as orchid mixes should be.

Perfect growing medium for orchids. Uk grow premium orchid care repotting bark soil compost is composed of specially selected and graded bark and perlite for a superb balance of air and moisture content that is essential for orchids. Peat, soil or very small grade bark will kill an orchid by retaining too much water and suffocating the roots. Added perlite to ensure amazing aeration around the root zone, this ensures perfect orchid growth which will result in huge beautiful flowers. Available in all sizes 1ltr 2ltr 3ltr 4ltr 5ltr 10ltr 20ltr 30ltr.
ManufacturerUK Grow
Warrantyany issues at all we will refund or replace immediatly


UK GROW Premium Bucket of Tomato Potting mix compost Soil BUCKET 2L

UK GROW - Suitable for both experienced gardeners and novices. Helps retain moisture and nutrients, allowing your tomato plants to thrive and produce delicious fruit.

Specially formulated for growing robust and healthy tomato plants in your garden or patio. Provides the ideal growing conditions for tomatoes, resulting in higher yields and a more flavorful harvest. Carefully balanced to improve soil structure, promote healthy root growth, and enhance water retention. Made with a nutrient-rich blend of high-quality materials, vermiculite, perlite, including peat moss, and composted bark. Provides excellent drainage to prevent soil-borne diseases and other problems that can occur when soil becomes waterlogged.
ManufacturerUK GROW
Height1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Length1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Width1 cm (0.39 Inches)
Part NumberTomato Potting mix compost
ModelTomato Potting mix compost